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Employee Transport Management System – A Smart24x7 Initiative

We have designed Smart24x7 – Employee Transport Management System (Smart – ETMS) which aims to save upto 20%- 30% of the transport operating cost by going Smart. Employee Transport Management System has been designed especially keeping in mind the need for the Businesses to seamlessly operate 24×7. Comprehensive dashboard lets the transport team see the roster. The system further helps transport team keep check on the status of their cabs & drivers in real time with the Location of cabs on google maps. System lets the supervisor generate roster reports & helps in auto selection of Cab numbers when they are present in any specific area. It helps in optimizing the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route.

Advantages of Smart24x7 TMS

Efficient Route Optimization
Real Time Cab Tracking in Transit
Spot Location (Pick-up/Drop)
Safer Employees
Device Integration
Insightful BigData Analysis
Employee App

Significant Cost Savings