This Employee e-Attendance Software is built for internal use of employees of corporate.

This requires approval / authentication before making use of it from respective department heads of Corporates. Smart24x7 Employee e-Attendance Confirmation Software feature is an initiative that has been developed to provide convenience to Corporate Employees to punch their attendance from their own Smart Phone.

Benefits of employee e-attendance confirmation software

1. Automated time and attendance systems accurately capture all time worked.

2. Automated time and attendance systems treat everyone fairly

Smart24x7 mobile application with GPS tracking capabilities, employers can wipe out issues, for example, mate punching. Employers can even set up cautions to guarantee workers have checked in on time at their specific location.

3. Automated time and attendance systems engage representatives.

To put it plainly, when managers show representatives how the new time and participation framework will advantage them by and by, workers will be upbeat to check in. Positively.