The operator can insert all the pick/drop location under transport management solution by creating the database. This helps the employee transport management desk to pinpoint employee wise location easily.

Imagine if when you set your pickup and drop location, you could without much of a stretch select one of these suggested pickup and drop locations. Your cab driver can as of now see your exact pick-up and drop locations area. This way, you could get picked up and drop wherever the driver can get to you most effectively that will put you going the correct route to your drop-off.

Recommended Pickup and Drop Locations under Transport Management Solution would help everybody.

  • Drivers waste less time and can accomplish more rides every hour at work
  • Drivers avoid the stress of being honked at for stopping in the middle of the street where there’s nowhere to pull over
  • Employee reaches destination faster
  • Transport managers can boost their available car supply with the same number of drivers since getting started in the right direction makes routes take less time to run