Bluetooth Based Employee Attendance System

Nowadays, organizations or association take the employee attendance physically either by biometric or paper based attendance sheet for employee’s signature to confirm his/her presence. Utilizing these techniques is both cumbersome and tedious. By using Smart Employee Attendance Management System, the presence of the employee can be confirmed via Bluetooth connection. Additionally, detailed record of an employee’s attendance can also be generated for printing and filing, if required.

Employee Attendance Management System is the simplest way to monitor or track of attendance of employees for any kind of organization either it’s a small employee based company or large employee based company. This system also suitable for colleges, school, scouting units, or volunteer groups. The system covers the prerequisites of the Personnel Department as far as Employees analysis, Day-to-Day employee attendance monitoring, Monitoring of leave records and exchange of applicable data to the Payroll department.

Benefits of Bluetooth Based Attendance System

> Employees analysis
> Day-to-Day employee attendance monitoring
> Monitoring of leave records
> Helps in calculating of overtime
> Transfer of relevant information to accounts department
> Reduce paperwork and save time and money
> Eliminate duplicate data entry & errors in time and attendance entries
> Paperless, quick, and accurate