Park your car – without any hassle. Just scan the allotted QR code, which is provided by the company, and park your car on the allotted premises.

This app truly saves people a whole lot of time, energy and trouble. What Smart24x7 Parking Management System has effectively done is to turn the conventional parking meter into one single QR Code.

Smart24x7 provides operators with the ability to enhance parking lot control management systems by using automate QR code systems. Use of QR Code readers, makes it easier to automate ‘in’ and ‘out’ privileges of registered parking users. Automated entry and exit, shorter queues equate to satisfied employees – customers.

Smart24x7 provides a parking Access control to park the vehicles at allotted parking area. Smart24x7 is a proximity reader app designed for parking management solutions that effectively control entry and exit gates, the security guard/reader at site access the QR code, if the user is authorized it opens the gate.

Customized reports can be generated based on information pertaining to the parking history of each vehicle as maintained and updated in the database on a real-time basis. Parking behavior such as frequency of usage of each vehicle can be tracked and this information can be used to for further use.

Advantages of Parking Management System

> Enhanced Security
> Controlled Pilferege
> Reduced Operating cost
> Quick ROI
> Convenience

Once you scan your QR code, the details information displayed on the mobile.