Smart24x7 mobile safety app for employee commuting safety, which helps track employees and vehicles during regular commutes and also helps employees contact transport management teams efficiently in case of an emergency/panic situation.

During any kind of emergency or panic situation employees can generate Panic/emergency alerts through mobile safety app that connects the employee to their loved ones/QRT (Quick Response Team) team so their loved ones and QRT team members can listen in on their situations and provide help quickly.

The mobile safety app has special features that employees as well as driver can make calls each others without revealing phone number.

Some of the others features of Smart24x7 mobile safety app for employee are:

  • Cab arrival time feature makes it easy for employees to know where and when their cab will arrive.
  • Drivers can call employees from the app via conference bridge number when the employee running late or not present on the pick-up points.
  • Track employees – Driver can track employees location