Device Integration

The key to a successful employee transport operation is staying informed through up-to-the-minute, accurate, and complete data for planning, allocation, and execution of employee pickup and drop-off. With Smart24x7 TMS, you get real-time, electronically linked insights into your operations. Utilising the latest technology and integrated devices, you’ll receive on-the-road job data streams, Cab, driver real time operational status updates and be able to track drivers, employee in real time to maximise yield, increase work efficiency and gain access to comprehensive performance reports.

Some of the others benefits of implementing Device Integration

  • Better Employee Transport Management for Better Business
  • Advanced Mobility Solutions That Improve On-the-Road Operations
  • Real-Time Proof of services Offered
  • GPS technology that integrates location and map information to benefit your wider operations
  • Dynamic geo-fencing functionality that leads to more accurate operations
  • Improved Customer Service, Greater Management Control